Making a Difference by Supporting Other Families

For family members raising a child with a disability it is impossible to over emphasize the importance of finding support throughout the journey. Here you will find examples of how family leaders support one another, both formally and informally.

Quote_rmb.png        I became a Board Member of our Deafblind Family group and worked closely with our Deaf-Blind Project’s Family Support Coordinator to plan our annual family retreat.

Quote_rmb.png        I had a goal to create a Parent Leadership Training in Spanish, based on the leadership training model used in our state. That required more than translating. I needed to adapt the format, the curriculum and the time frame of the workshops to accommodate the needs of the families.

Quote_rmb.png        I am ready to venture onto my next half marathon race for The MAGIC Foundation.

Quote_rmb.png        I started a support group for exceptional families in our town. It is still going every month and I have handed the reins over to other parents. I also coordinated lunch meetings to introduce families to local resources for their children.

Quote_rmb.png        As an advocate I help others learn to understand educational needs, ask for services that will improve their child’s life and approach their schools with more confidence.   

Quote_rmb.png       Following our family leadership training three of us designed a brochure, business cards and t-shirts for our family network group. We also developed a Facebook page to keep in touch with each other.

Quote_rmb.png        I organized parents to push our state school for the deaf to address the transition needs of students with multiple disabilities.