Making a Difference for Your Child and Family

Families face a variety of challenges in their efforts to help children with disabilities get the most out of life. Individual situations can affect education, personal relationships and day to day life in big and little ways. Here are examples from family members across the country who  have used skills from their leadership training to make a difference in their own situations. 

  • I have been successful in getting my town to include four children with deaf-blindness in a recreational program offered to other children in my town.
  • I find it easier now to talk to parents, professionals, doctors and other service providers when it comes to my child, deaf-blindness, and my child’s diagnosis…I'm not afraid to ask questions to get the best care out there for my child....Every child deserves the Corvette model...this Mom is saying "no" to the "push mowers" out there.
  • Listening to other parents’ stories is inspiring and motivates me to keep telling my story about my child.
  • I'm trying every way I know how to have my voice heard: blogging, essay writing, belonging to support groups, talking to other families.
  • I have increased my knowledge about special education rights and procedures.
  • I have used my training and skills to help other parents approach their schools with more confidence. I have much more confidence during my son's meetings and have the knowledge I need to better equip him with the resources he will use the rest of his life.
  • I have advocated for my child's educational needs more assertively and effectively, which is HUGE for our family. Leadership training made me feel like I had a place at the table, along with the right to attend meetings and speak up. I was no longer "just” the mom they had to notify.
  • I have used my skills to advocate for my daughter at IEP meetings.