Recruiting Participants

Materials in this section will assist organizations and trainers to design brochures, invitation letters and application forms to use in recruiting and registering training participants.

Family members’ time, energy and resources are often stretched thin and the thought of taking on one more thing is out of the question. The following document may help in designing training which addresses typical barriers or challenges families face and offers practical solutions to overcome these.

NCDB Family Involvement: Barriers and Solutions  Document icon .doc
This document address 14 common barriers to involvement that parents have identified and how you can design training to help overcome these barriers.

Example brochures

NCDB Family Leadership Training Program Brochure for Families  PDF icon .pdf
A tri-fold color brochure that fully explains a family leadership training program

Peal Parent Institute Training brochure  PDF icon .pdf
This brochure describes the 7-month institute on healthcare and community supports for parent leaders from Central Pennsylvania, including information about the schedule and an application form.

Example Invitations and Applications

NCDB Family Invitation  Document icon .doc
This letter describes the training series, with information about the distance education and face-to-face components.

NCDB Family Member Application Form  Document icon .doc
This application form is for family members who are interested in participating in NCDB Family Leadership Training.

Peak Parent Center Invitation  Document icon .doc
This one-page application form is for parents interested in participating in a parent leadership workshop.