Planning Your Family Leadership Training Program

Materials in this section are designed to assist organizations and trainers to design a training program or series of trainings for family members to become parent advocates and leaders.

NCDB Family Leadership Training Program Outcomes  Document icon .doc
This document lists objectives and anticipated outcomes for participants and systems.

Pennsylvania Family Leadership Network Outcomes  Document icon .doc
This is a list of anticipated outcomes of the Family Leadership Network in Pennsylvania.

Family Leadership Tips & Tricks  Document icon .doc
Words of wisdom from NCDB and state deaf-blind projects that have been providing family leadership training.

NCDB Potential Resources for a Family Leadership Training Program  Document icon .doc
A beginning list of potential monetary and non-monetary resources to tap into to develop a family leadership training program.

NCDB Key Components of Training  Document icon .doc
This document graphically shares the three primary components of the NCDB training: onsite and distance training, ongoing support and work on a personal leadership goal.

NCDB Descriptions of Modes of Delivery  Document icon .doc
This document describes different modes of delivering training content.

2012 Family Leadership Survey  PDF icon .pdf
This survey was conducted with both family leaders and the deaf-blind projects that have hosted family leadership training. A wealth of information was gathered including demographics, importance of training topics, effectiveness of training strategies, and types and impact of leadership goals

NCDB Family Involvement: Barriers and Solutions  Document icon .doc
This document addresses 14 common barriers to involvement that parents have identified and how you can design training to help overcome these barriers.

National Parent Leadership Month Tool Kit  PDF icon .pdf
This 44-page tool kit is designed to assist organizations in promoting and gaining visibility for National Parent Leadership Month in the community by working closely with Parent Leaders to educate neighbors, colleagues, the media and public officials about National Parent Leadership Month. This Tool Kit is designed for use by both staff and Parent Leaders