Evaluation and Participant Action Planning

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well, you might find you get what you need.” Rolling Stones

Materials in this section are designed to assist the trainer to get the evaluation data needed to determine if the desired training goals are reached. These examples of training evaluation and participant action planning forms are provided as guides to be adapted and used in whatever form works best for a specific training.

Evaluation Forms

In this section you’ll find several different examples of evaluation forms. Each is designed a little differently, but collects similar information. It’s important to always allow room for the participant to add additional comments beyond the specific questions asked.

ABCs of Parent Leadership -- Evaluation Form  Document icon .doc

Texas Workshop Evaluation  Document icon .doc

Texas Leadership Pathways Self-Assessment  Document icon .doc

NCDB Graffiti Wall Reflection Activity  Document icon .doc

Participant Action Plan Forms

NCDB Personal Leadership Goal Worksheet  Document icon .doc
This one page document can be used by leadership participants to draft a plan for a leadership goal.

NCDB Action Planning Form  Document icon .doc
This a general action plan form, with room for three goals.

Pennsylvania Deafblind Project LEAP form  Document icon .doc
This six-page action plan includes the identification of key players, barriers & obstacles, getting ready to take action, first steps, and a "leap log" to keep track of action taken.

NCDB Personal Goal Worksheet  Document icon .doc
This worksheet is designed to help leadership training participants define personal goals focused on taking care of themselves by maintaining a healthy life balance.