The materials in this section have been gathered and organized to increase the reader’s understanding of the critical importance of developing and maintaining parent- professional partnerships, the challenges that are often inherent in these relationships and effective strategies that can be used to foster collaborative partnerships.

Basic Information

Materials in this section offer an overview of fundamental information on key areas of parent advocacy and leadership as they relate to partnerships and collaborative activities. Information supports the importance of parent advocacy and strategies and tips for parents to participate in decision making groups such as committees, boards and task forces.

Importance of Partnerships

Family Teacher Partnerships  PDF icon .pdf
This factsheet offers numerous strategies and suggestions on how to develop and maintain a partnership between family and educators.

Parent Professional Collaboration  Web icon web
This document is a series of questions and answers that address barriers to family involvement, strategies for successful parent involvement, ways for schools to increase parent and family involvement and ideas on how teachers and school administrators can promote family-professional collaboration

Teams, Boards and Committees

Serving on Groups That Make Decisions: A Guide for Families  Web icon web
A guide to help parents participate “at the table” with other decision makers. It offers tips, examples, definitions and a variety of resources to support parent engagement in group decision making settings.

A Parent’s Guide: Serving on Boards and Committees  PDF icon .pdf
This Parent’s Guide looks at some of the common questions parents have about joining a board or committee.

Going Deeper Link


Going Deeper

Materials in this section provide more in-depth information in order to increase your awareness and knowledge on key areas of parent advocacy and leadership as they relate to partnerships and collaborative activities. 

Importance of Partnerships

Educating Our Children Together: A Sourcebook for Effective Family-School-Community Partnerships  Web icon web
This sourcebook provides strategies on how schools, communities and families can work together to educate children to be productive citizens.

 Moving Forward: Building Effective Family-School Partnerships  Web icon web
This one hour fifteen minute video provides an overview of policies and practices needed to promote school partnerships that support student achievement and school improvement.

Teams, Boards and Committees

A Guidebook for Serving on Groups  Web icon web
A guidebook for individuals who want to make a difference in their community by serving as a member of a decision-making group. This resource was developed through a collaborative effort between statewide agencies, school representatives and family members.

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Training Tools

Materials in this section offer trainers tools to use when conducting workshops or trainings on parent advocacy and leadership in the area of partnerships and collaborative activities. 

Importance of Partnerships

 Critical Elements of Collaboration  Presentation icon .ppt

Elementos Criticos de Colaboracion  Presentation icon .ppt

Teams, Boards &  Committees

Stages of Group Development  Presentation icon .ppt
A two to three hour presentation that discusses the four stages of team development, the characteristics and challenges faced by an emerging team and offers helpful strategies to assist teams to move through the stages of team development.

Solving Problems in Groups  PDF icon .pdf
A one to two hour presentation on the steps needed to engage in effective group problem-solving. Participants also engage in a group problem-solving activity related to their individual issues.

Tips for Leading an Effective Meeting  PDF icon .pdf
Surgerencias para Llevar a Cabo Reuniones Eficaces  PDF icon .pdf (spanish) 

A one to two hour presentation that discusses strategies for structuring teams, processes to use to ensure effective meetings and strategies that team leaders and others can use to facilitate effective meetings.

How Do You Know When You Really Have A Team?  PDF icon .pdf
A one to two hour presentation on the essentials of teamwork, reasons why teams often fail and the importance of having clear goals, roles and processes to succeed.

Lessons from the Geese  PDF icon .pdf
An illustration from mother nature on the virtue of unity and team effort.

Meeting Checklist  PDF icon .pdf
A list of reminders that a team leader or facilitator can review before the meeting.

Team Report Card  PDF icon .pdf
A simple series of questions that can be used for a quick review of meeting processes. 

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Learning Packets

Our learning packets are “grab & go” materials designed with trainers in mind, but can also be useful tools for the interested parent. Each packet focuses on a specific topic or aspect of parent advocacy and leadership as it relates to partnerships and collaborative activities.

Learning packetsEssentials of Teamwork