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Family Leadership Learning Materials provide an array of materials designed to assist parent advocates and leaders to increase their knowledge and awareness on topics related to leadership and advocacy. To assist you, the materials have been organized into key content areas.

Key icon Communication

Key icon Partnerships

Key icon Advocacy

Key icon Understanding Disabilities

Key icon Maintaining Your Life Balance


These areas can easily be accessed on the menu bar to the left or at the top of the page. As you visit each content area, you will notice that materials have been further organized into four categories: Basic Information, Going Deeper, Training Tools and Learning Packets.


BASIC INFORMATION is a starting place for parents interested in becoming an effective advocate or leader. There is a collection of materials that offers introductory, fundamental information related to the content area.

GOING DEEPER is for the person in need of more in-depth information. There is a collection of supplementary materials to help increase awareness and knowledge within the content area.

 TRAINING TOOLS offers a menu of planning and organizational materials that trainers can use when conducting workshops or trainings on parent advocacy and leadership.

 LEARNING PACKETS are “grab & go” materials designed for parent advocates or trainers when you are interested in a series of materials related to one topic or aspect of parent advocacy and leadership.